Monday, October 31, 2016

The way to apology

I always say " Never apologise for who you are " but when it comes about our actions and how they affect the people we love the most , then i say to ask for forgiveness. 

There are times that we say or do things without realising and heart people. If you know it immediately , it would be nice to say I'M SORRY !
If not , then the person we had offended should say it the sooner the better , so our relationships not be broken at the end . It is a great achievement for yourself , first of all .

So here are the 3 most important parts to an apology: 

                                                                #1 Say you are sorry 

Before almost 2 months , without realised what i was saying ( yes , human being here , make mistakes too ) i made the person i love the most upset. The other day we were talking on the phone and it came up . Most of the times is not what you say but how you say it and that hurts . 

                                                             #2 Own it / no excuses

By the time i heard it , i felt so embarrassed that it was like loosing the ground under my feet.Without second thought , i knew i owned an apology. This time no excuses on the table , only i was so deeply sorry for being so stupid and not counting my words. It is not bad to make mistakes , it is when you know it and don't make anything about .

                                                   #3 Don't repeat the behaviour 

I don't know if she will ever read this post but it was a personal experience, i wanted to share it with you guys and make sure that you ( and i ) start to think twice before we speak. Because we can not take back words but we can learn from our mistakes. 

Never apologise for who you are but apologise for your actions , only when family , friends or even your partner is hearted . Feelings may be increasing as we speak. 

I'm sorry for made you upset !

La Grecque Voyageuse  xoxoxo

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  1. This is such a true post! I completely agree with you, once you find out, or have a feeling that you have hurt someones feelings the best remedy is to apologise and make sure it comes from the heart. Nice read Stomata :)