Friday, May 19, 2017

How to stay focused !!!

It has been almost an hour since i sat on the bed with my laptop , pen , notebook in order to write the following post....

(after 10 minutes looking for music )

Here i am , again , looking the blank page trying to think how i should write ...

Although , i am officially 32 years old and still trying hard to stay focus on how to manage my thoughts , my activities. Are you on the same page with me or am i the only one ? Hope not ...

After spending some time looking for tips on how to stay focused.. Here are 4 ways that i hope to help you , too .

  1. Do creative work first !
Start with the most difficult and creative task of the day. Most of us , we start with the easiest and by the end of first hour our mind is already getting tired . Specially when try to be multitasking ; as our society ask us to be .

    2. Your mind is muscle , train it !

Begin with small period of time. Switch off anything that takes your concentration away . Be focused 5' for a start and every day add a little bit more. So after few days you will notice the change .

   3. Be organised !

Try to keep your work space or your studying's desk clean and organised ! Do small steps everyday it will become habit and after while it will be a lot easier .

   4.  Create "TO DO  " list !

Creating the list, makes it a lot effortless to be focused on your activities . But don't forget to add your breaks . You don't need only to manage the time of what you have to do , plus as well the time you need to take a break and rest yourself a bit .

I really hope to helpful for you . I will try to make the best of me , working on these tips.

Thank you very much for being here. If you liked it comment below ,  let me know your thoughts and share it!

Until next time ... take care !!!

Yours Grecque Voyageuse xoxoxo