Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Coconut oil : 10 uses & benefits

Hello my dear ones and welcome back to a new post on this blog!  Today i will talk about Coconut oil and the 10 uses i do.

This morning as i was making my cacao drink , i thought it would be a good idea to talk you about it and i use it. Almost 2 years ago i discovered the coconut oil when all the bloggers , i follow , were talking about how healthy is and its benefits.

So this is how i use coconut oil ...

  1. Cacao drink :   When i quit coffee , i start drinking cacao every morning and this is how allow to your body wake up slowly and peacefully. in small pot i put a cup of water ( or sometimes almond milk ) , 1 teaspoon coconut oil and honey to sweet it a little bit. Mix them until it will get warm and it's ready to drink .

      2. Baking :  For long time i was looking how to use it , when i found the easiest carrot cake recipe. In its ingredients was saying to use vegetable oil. So , i was a touch creative and change it to 1 1/2 part of Coconut oil and the other part to olive oil . Plus , o added some coconut flakes in the mixture and made it so yummy .

   3.  Hair mask :   a) as it is : Firstly, take a small amount and apply at the ends. Which tent to be the most damaged part of hair. Then go all the way up to the top of the head.                             b) combine it with other type of oils : (for normal type of hair ) . I do a combination with olive oil , castor oil , vitamin E and sweet almond .When i want to give the best i can to my hair . In this case, i start from the top of the head and then at the rest of my hair.
You can leave each hair mask from 30' to all night long and wash it out well the next day.

 If you don't have all the oils don't worry !! Use what you have, it still works !

    4. Scrub !  Both face an body . When i take my bath , fist i clean my face with special soap for my skin type and then for 2 minutes with gentle circular motion i scrub my face, AVOIDING the eyes area .
After i shower , i do my body , which after that stays smooth , moisturised and don't need any extra body lotion .

I usually make it with sugar and few drops of my favourite essential oil (Levander or Eucalyptus )

  5. Make up remover :  When i travel and i don't want to carry lot of stuff with me , i just pack my coconut oil , which i also use it as make up remover. Scoop with your fingertips a small amount , it melts so fast when you use it  and with circular motion rub it over . Rinse with water and patting with a towel your face and you are ready to sleep !!!

6. Oil pulling  : It is one of the best ways to kill bacteria and promote healthy teeth and gums !
This unbelievable but most of all effective procedure has been used for ages in India to :

a) Kill bad breath 
b) Heal bleeding gums
c) Reduce inflammation 
d)Whitens teeth
e) Strengths gums and jaws

And many more !!!

Take a teaspoon or two . Start with 5' and slowly take it max. to 20' for 3-4 time per week and you will see amazing results!

  7. Styling oil : Take some at your fingertips and apply at ends. It makes them shine , plus it smells so good !

The last 3 uses , are dedicated to our four-legs best friends , both cats and dogs . As a dog owner , i want the best for my dog and after i googled a lot , this how i how i use coconut oil to my dog.

  8. Give your pet a healthy shine : My dog weights almost 6 Kilos , so i give him 1/2 to 1 teaspoon daily to improve dry skin and it gives him a lustrous shine.

 9. Paw balm : Not only for us but also it is good for our pet's paws. They can be abused during a normal day. They act as a cushion for walking and protecting against extreme weather elements , such as heat or cold.

 10.  Treats : The last but i think the best one . It is a DIY treat that my dog looves it . All you need is : equal parts of coconut oil and peanut butter ( about a cup each ) and a medium size banana . Mike them all together and put in silicon molds . I have in paw shape . Freeze them and when it needs take one out.

That was , my dear ones , the 10 uses of coconut oil. Of course , there many more ways but this is how i choose to use it . 

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Until next time .. . don't forget to smile !!!!

xoxoxo  La Grecque Voyageuse