Monday, June 12, 2017

Today's Inspiration : Miriam Makeba

Hello My dear ones and welcome to a new post ! Today is about a person , a face , an amazing character , who made a change in 60's and 70's . A great personality from Africa...  
Zenzile Miriam Makeba (04/03/1932 - 09/11/2008), nicknamed Mama Africa , was an african singer , actress , UN goodwill ambassador and civil rights activist !

On 15th March i upload at my Instagram page a photo of Jain , "Makeba " is one of her songs . She wrote as a dedication to Miriam Makeba . Jain wanted more people to know who she was . That made me wonder who Miriam Makeba was , so i googled her .

Makeba was an amazing voice , who was well known at 70's . When she starts singing , you have the feeling of traveling straight to Africa . Being in the wild beauty of this continent ! A feeling that you are very far away from what you already know.

In 1967 , she became famous in Us with her "Pata Pata ". This song was her most popular recording . In 1991 , she collaborated with Nina Simone and Dizzy Gillespie.

After Miriam Makeba passed away , South African President Nelson Madela said that " her music inspired a powerful sense of hope in all of us " .

In a modern , danceable rhythm Jain sings :

" Nobody can beat the mama Africa
You follow the beat that she's gonna give you
I need a smile you can love 
Make it go , the sufferation of a thousand more "

Lets look around for people , who inspire us to do more good .

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Month's Favourites : May 2017

Hello my dear ones and welcome to a new post. This is my first post about month's favourites . Although June is already here and hopefully it will get warmer and warmer in Hamburg , this didn't stop me from finding my favourites beauty products for May .

So with no further introduction , let's start :

First on the list is the mascara : Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll from L'Oreal

What can i say for this mascara ... Since i came to Hamburg , it was difficult to find a good mascara for everyday from drugstore . After months L'Oreal Paris came up with the best mascara ever , if you ask me . It gives length and volume , exactly what i was looking for . The roll shape of the brush helps a lot , so your lashes don't blend .
My favourite mascara by far !!!

You can find in drugstores , where there is L'Oreal Paris stand.


Next comes the ultimate lip balm: Coconut lip balm from Sephora 

I discovered this amazing lip balm , while i was in Athens last month in Sephora stores . I have tried thousands through years and i didn't stick to any ... until now !!! You know how much i love coconut ( check here my post about : Coconut oil : 10 uses & benefits ) .
The balm has a gentle smell of coconut , it's light and last long . Nourishes your lips and keep them soft all day long . The perfect lip balm for this summer !

You can find the balm only at Sephora stores . In Germany will open soon .

Next on my list is the sun protection : Sun gel - cream Oil control by Eucerin 

Glamour's May issue (in Germany ) had a sample of Eucerin's sun cream. As the sun is getting warmer , we have to protect our skin. So you can add sun cream in your daily morning routine .
The one, i bought, is with 30 LSF with oil control . The perfect one for mixed and oily skin types with a acne tense. In my morning  routine after i apply the day cream , i add my sun protection.When my skin absorbs the cream , i start my make up routine... It worked to me and im loving it. 

Im pretty sure you can find it at all pharmacies !

Last but not least , i have a hand cream from Nivea with Shea butter . I have it since January , i am using every single night and still i have . Just a small amount can nourishes your hands and keep them soft . It absorbs fast , but the best thing of all is .. that doesn't stick . 

You can find the cream to all drugstores and to Nivea stores .

These were my month's favourites. I hope you liked them , i know i do 💗

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Friday, May 19, 2017

How to stay focused !!!

It has been almost an hour since i sat on the bed with my laptop , pen , notebook in order to write the following post....

(after 10 minutes looking for music )

Here i am , again , looking the blank page trying to think how i should write ...

Although , i am officially 32 years old and still trying hard to stay focus on how to manage my thoughts , my activities. Are you on the same page with me or am i the only one ? Hope not ...

After spending some time looking for tips on how to stay focused.. Here are 4 ways that i hope to help you , too .

  1. Do creative work first !
Start with the most difficult and creative task of the day. Most of us , we start with the easiest and by the end of first hour our mind is already getting tired . Specially when try to be multitasking ; as our society ask us to be .

    2. Your mind is muscle , train it !

Begin with small period of time. Switch off anything that takes your concentration away . Be focused 5' for a start and every day add a little bit more. So after few days you will notice the change .

   3. Be organised !

Try to keep your work space or your studying's desk clean and organised ! Do small steps everyday it will become habit and after while it will be a lot easier .

   4.  Create "TO DO  " list !

Creating the list, makes it a lot effortless to be focused on your activities . But don't forget to add your breaks . You don't need only to manage the time of what you have to do , plus as well the time you need to take a break and rest yourself a bit .

I really hope to helpful for you . I will try to make the best of me , working on these tips.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Coconut oil : 10 uses & benefits

Hello my dear ones and welcome back to a new post on this blog!  Today i will talk about Coconut oil and the 10 uses i do.

This morning as i was making my cacao drink , i thought it would be a good idea to talk you about it and i use it. Almost 2 years ago i discovered the coconut oil when all the bloggers , i follow , were talking about how healthy is and its benefits.

So this is how i use coconut oil ...

  1. Cacao drink :   When i quit coffee , i start drinking cacao every morning and this is how allow to your body wake up slowly and peacefully. in small pot i put a cup of water ( or sometimes almond milk ) , 1 teaspoon coconut oil and honey to sweet it a little bit. Mix them until it will get warm and it's ready to drink .

      2. Baking :  For long time i was looking how to use it , when i found the easiest carrot cake recipe. In its ingredients was saying to use vegetable oil. So , i was a touch creative and change it to 1 1/2 part of Coconut oil and the other part to olive oil . Plus , o added some coconut flakes in the mixture and made it so yummy .

   3.  Hair mask :   a) as it is : Firstly, take a small amount and apply at the ends. Which tent to be the most damaged part of hair. Then go all the way up to the top of the head.                             b) combine it with other type of oils : (for normal type of hair ) . I do a combination with olive oil , castor oil , vitamin E and sweet almond .When i want to give the best i can to my hair . In this case, i start from the top of the head and then at the rest of my hair.
You can leave each hair mask from 30' to all night long and wash it out well the next day.

 If you don't have all the oils don't worry !! Use what you have, it still works !

    4. Scrub !  Both face an body . When i take my bath , fist i clean my face with special soap for my skin type and then for 2 minutes with gentle circular motion i scrub my face, AVOIDING the eyes area .
After i shower , i do my body , which after that stays smooth , moisturised and don't need any extra body lotion .

I usually make it with sugar and few drops of my favourite essential oil (Levander or Eucalyptus )

  5. Make up remover :  When i travel and i don't want to carry lot of stuff with me , i just pack my coconut oil , which i also use it as make up remover. Scoop with your fingertips a small amount , it melts so fast when you use it  and with circular motion rub it over . Rinse with water and patting with a towel your face and you are ready to sleep !!!

6. Oil pulling  : It is one of the best ways to kill bacteria and promote healthy teeth and gums !
This unbelievable but most of all effective procedure has been used for ages in India to :

a) Kill bad breath 
b) Heal bleeding gums
c) Reduce inflammation 
d)Whitens teeth
e) Strengths gums and jaws

And many more !!!

Take a teaspoon or two . Start with 5' and slowly take it max. to 20' for 3-4 time per week and you will see amazing results!

  7. Styling oil : Take some at your fingertips and apply at ends. It makes them shine , plus it smells so good !

The last 3 uses , are dedicated to our four-legs best friends , both cats and dogs . As a dog owner , i want the best for my dog and after i googled a lot , this how i how i use coconut oil to my dog.

  8. Give your pet a healthy shine : My dog weights almost 6 Kilos , so i give him 1/2 to 1 teaspoon daily to improve dry skin and it gives him a lustrous shine.

 9. Paw balm : Not only for us but also it is good for our pet's paws. They can be abused during a normal day. They act as a cushion for walking and protecting against extreme weather elements , such as heat or cold.

 10.  Treats : The last but i think the best one . It is a DIY treat that my dog looves it . All you need is : equal parts of coconut oil and peanut butter ( about a cup each ) and a medium size banana . Mike them all together and put in silicon molds . I have in paw shape . Freeze them and when it needs take one out.

That was , my dear ones , the 10 uses of coconut oil. Of course , there many more ways but this is how i choose to use it . 

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Monday, March 20, 2017

My top 5 favourite smoothies !!!

My top 5 favourite smoothies !!!

Hello my dear ones !!! On today's post we will talk about smoothies . A perfect, delicious and healthy way to nourish our bodies. Smoothies are always good idea for breakfast or like snack . The fact that it takes only few minutes , it's a bonus . I love to have one during summertime before my coffee . It is refreshing , it boost you up plus it gives energy till the lunch time. What better way to start off your day .

As you scrolling down you will find my 5 favourite easy smoothies , that i like to drink . One for every week day ...

Lets start ! Here is what you will need for each smoothie day :

  •  Tropical Monday . : 1 cup of fresh papaya , 1 cup of mango , almond milk and a teaspoon of papaya seeds . 

  • Pink Tuesday:   1 red apple , 1 cup fresh strawberries , 1 teaspoon of flax seeds and almond milk 

  • Holy Berry Wednesday :  1 cup blueberries , 1 cup raspberries , 1 cup blackberries , 1 cup grapes and coconut water .

  • Sunny Thursday :  1 red apple , 2-3 carrots , 1 - 2 cups fresh orange juice and a small thumb of ginger , 1 teaspoon chia seeds .

  • Green Friday :   1 banana , 1 green apple , 1/2 avocado , 1/2 cup fresh baby spinach , coconut water , 1 teaspoon chia seeds .

Blend them all the ingredients and enjoy your smoothie !

Cook's notice :
In any of the recipes , you change the almond milk with any other you might like .

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