Monday, June 12, 2017

Today's Inspiration : Miriam Makeba

Hello My dear ones and welcome to a new post ! Today is about a person , a face , an amazing character , who made a change in 60's and 70's . A great personality from Africa...  
Zenzile Miriam Makeba (04/03/1932 - 09/11/2008), nicknamed Mama Africa , was an african singer , actress , UN goodwill ambassador and civil rights activist !

On 15th March i upload at my Instagram page a photo of Jain , "Makeba " is one of her songs . She wrote as a dedication to Miriam Makeba . Jain wanted more people to know who she was . That made me wonder who Miriam Makeba was , so i googled her .

Makeba was an amazing voice , who was well known at 70's . When she starts singing , you have the feeling of traveling straight to Africa . Being in the wild beauty of this continent ! A feeling that you are very far away from what you already know.

In 1967 , she became famous in Us with her "Pata Pata ". This song was her most popular recording . In 1991 , she collaborated with Nina Simone and Dizzy Gillespie.

After Miriam Makeba passed away , South African President Nelson Madela said that " her music inspired a powerful sense of hope in all of us " .

In a modern , danceable rhythm Jain sings :

" Nobody can beat the mama Africa
You follow the beat that she's gonna give you
I need a smile you can love 
Make it go , the sufferation of a thousand more "

Lets look around for people , who inspire us to do more good .

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Month's Favourites : May 2017

Hello my dear ones and welcome to a new post. This is my first post about month's favourites . Although June is already here and hopefully it will get warmer and warmer in Hamburg , this didn't stop me from finding my favourites beauty products for May .

So with no further introduction , let's start :

First on the list is the mascara : Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll from L'Oreal

What can i say for this mascara ... Since i came to Hamburg , it was difficult to find a good mascara for everyday from drugstore . After months L'Oreal Paris came up with the best mascara ever , if you ask me . It gives length and volume , exactly what i was looking for . The roll shape of the brush helps a lot , so your lashes don't blend .
My favourite mascara by far !!!

You can find in drugstores , where there is L'Oreal Paris stand.


Next comes the ultimate lip balm: Coconut lip balm from Sephora 

I discovered this amazing lip balm , while i was in Athens last month in Sephora stores . I have tried thousands through years and i didn't stick to any ... until now !!! You know how much i love coconut ( check here my post about : Coconut oil : 10 uses & benefits ) .
The balm has a gentle smell of coconut , it's light and last long . Nourishes your lips and keep them soft all day long . The perfect lip balm for this summer !

You can find the balm only at Sephora stores . In Germany will open soon .

Next on my list is the sun protection : Sun gel - cream Oil control by Eucerin 

Glamour's May issue (in Germany ) had a sample of Eucerin's sun cream. As the sun is getting warmer , we have to protect our skin. So you can add sun cream in your daily morning routine .
The one, i bought, is with 30 LSF with oil control . The perfect one for mixed and oily skin types with a acne tense. In my morning  routine after i apply the day cream , i add my sun protection.When my skin absorbs the cream , i start my make up routine... It worked to me and im loving it. 

Im pretty sure you can find it at all pharmacies !

Last but not least , i have a hand cream from Nivea with Shea butter . I have it since January , i am using every single night and still i have . Just a small amount can nourishes your hands and keep them soft . It absorbs fast , but the best thing of all is .. that doesn't stick . 

You can find the cream to all drugstores and to Nivea stores .

These were my month's favourites. I hope you liked them , i know i do 💗

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