Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Never apologise for who you are !!!

Hello my love ones . I am so sorry for not writing long time now but it was due to personal reasons.
Also i was thinking of what should i write about but since i saw a video οn YouTube of Mara's Samartzi (greek channel ) talking about the appearance and how people can be mean, the idea came .
So today i will talk about self confidence and how people affect us .

How many of us have ever thought : "I not strong enough to do it " or "I am to skinny/fat " or "I am not so brave as he/she is ". I say close your ears to all of them , who is trying to trag you down . No one is perfect and that is the beauty of it.

When i was a kind , everyone was telling to mother that i am too skinny and i should eat more. My mother was telling to everybody that i was eating as much as i wanted , plus the doctor said i was fine. They almost drive her crazy.
As i was getting older almost all my friends were weight normal , according to society's normal , and i got myself in a point that i wanted to gain weight in order to fit in ...I even went to the doctor to tell how much i should eat.. My height is 1.61 cm and i weight 48 - 50 Kg, quiet normal, right ? I have started to fell bad for myself and i was wearing baggy clothes to cover my body. 

One day , i decided i will stop listening what everyone is thinking of me and i will start to love myself more and more and more. After all life is too short for bad vibes .
It took me time to get where i am now and still i have long way front me . I am not willing to stop , are you ? 

Love your body , love yourself , stop taking into account what people says. Try to separate the good ones from the bad vibes. You are worth more than you think , from everybody thinks and at the end you will see that you made it . Whatever is your goal , i know, i am sure you can do it. The point is to have strong will .

Your life , your choices .

Don't forget Never apologise for who you are. 

Until next time ....

La Grecque Voyageuese xoxoxo

Monday, September 5, 2016

Monday's inspiration : Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel said : dress to please yourself !!! 

I found exceptional since everybody try to look like everyone else. When was the last time you did it ??? I totally agree to have a look at the trends or what maybe the girl , who's passing by, is wearing in order to take as inspiration and not as a copy! 

You , me , everyone is UNIQUE !!! It will a pity trying to fit in someone's else shoes and be like puss in boots !!! Love yourself and your body , these are what, in fact , 100% belongs to you.

You can try whatever you like or you don't. You can experiment with colours , fabrics , shapes , accessories and at the end it will come to you. Listen to your inner muse , as Iris says. She will never lie to you. Do your research at the internet for fashion bloggers or vloggers , if you like videos ! Look around . Inspiration is everywhere, just keep your eyes open.

Fashion and style are the most amazing travels . Don't stay in the same place ...

Have a great week !!!

La Grecque Voyageuse