Monday, September 5, 2016

Monday's inspiration : Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel said : dress to please yourself !!! 

I found exceptional since everybody try to look like everyone else. When was the last time you did it ??? I totally agree to have a look at the trends or what maybe the girl , who's passing by, is wearing in order to take as inspiration and not as a copy! 

You , me , everyone is UNIQUE !!! It will a pity trying to fit in someone's else shoes and be like puss in boots !!! Love yourself and your body , these are what, in fact , 100% belongs to you.

You can try whatever you like or you don't. You can experiment with colours , fabrics , shapes , accessories and at the end it will come to you. Listen to your inner muse , as Iris says. She will never lie to you. Do your research at the internet for fashion bloggers or vloggers , if you like videos ! Look around . Inspiration is everywhere, just keep your eyes open.

Fashion and style are the most amazing travels . Don't stay in the same place ...

Have a great week !!!

La Grecque Voyageuse

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